Saturday, 4 August 2012

Nail Art - Newsprint Nails

Newsprint nails. So simple. Even nail art noobs like me can do it!

First, assemble your supplies:
Base colour (I used Essence - Got A Secret)
Top coat
Shot glass
Alcohol (I used medical grade methylated spirits, but rubbing alcohol or vodka also apparently work well)
Newspaper, cut into bits big enough to cover your nail.

Apply base colour and allow to dry thoroughly.

Dip nail in shot glass half filled with alcohol for 10 seconds or so.

While nail is still wet press newspaper, print side down onto nail. Press firmly, so that the ink transfers well to nail.

Peel newspaper off carefully.

When dry gently apply topcoat.

Clean up.

Admire nails.

Additional step:
Post about it on your blog/Facebook/twitter etc. Or comment here. I'd love to know if anyone gives it a go (or actually reads my posts).

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