Sunday, 5 August 2012

Essie - Shine of the Times, Essence - Sweet As Candy

Shine Of The Times is quite a versatile polish. It looks fabulous over black (google it if you haven't seen it already) but looks equally gorgeous over lighter colours or nudes. It's effect is very striking over black, but is much more subtle over sheer pink. I think this subtleness makes it more wearable as a day to day shade. I've only worn Shine Of The Times a few times over black but I've worn it many times over Essence - Sweet As Candy, a sheer, pale pink.

Sweet As Candy is a great shade for giving a naked look while covering the unattractive yellowing that comes with being a nail polish addict. VNL is obvious. Layering Essie - Shine Of The Times over the top makes a natural (read boring) polish into something more special.

A green/gold/orange shifting flakie in a clear lacquer, SOTT adds interest to this manicure without being overpowering.

I love it. What do you think?

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