Sunday, 19 August 2012

Nail Art - Green and Copper Striping tape

I'm trying to branch out a little with my nail art. I figure that if I don't practice and try new things I'll never get any better. So today I've tried a manicure with striping tape. I bought a bunch of different colours on EBay recently and this seemed like a great opportunity to try them out.

This is what I did:

Apply base coat and colour. Base - Nail Tek II. Colour - Essence Viva La Green.
Allow to thoroughly dry.
Apply tape ( I use low tack decorators tape ) then apply contrasting colour. Tip colour - Ulta3 Antique Copper.  Carefully peel off tape before contrast colour dries.
Allow to thoroughly dry.
Apply striping tape in desired pattern, pressing down firmly. Use scissors to trim tape to size.
Top coat - Out the Door.

I like how this turned out. I'll definitely use striping tape again.

What do you think?

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