Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bellabox - August 2012

I love beauty sample boxes. Every month you get sent a beautifully packaged bunch of items you have probably never tried to test out in your own home. There's no salespeople pressuring you to buy things you're not sure you like yet, letting you and your goodies get better acquainted before you commit to any of them. It's a lovely little treat for yourself each month.

If companies opened up selling monthly sample boxes in areas other than beauty, I'd probably buy them too.

By the time I get my Bellabox tracking email I've probably been stalking their Facebook page for at least a few days, seeing if there's any hint of packages leaving their hands. I am a big fan of postal tracking. You know where your item is all the time. At work? You can easily see if a bundle of surprises will be waiting at your front door when you get home. I hope Bellabox don't ever stop having trackable postage.

If you can manage not to peek at blog posts like this one :) the contents of your box are completely unknown, a mystery. If, like me, you aren't very good at waiting, you will have some idea of what others have received, but not which version of the box YOU will get. More mystery!

This month Bellabox have sent me their 'Go Green' box. My version contains:

Daily C 2 x 3.7g sachet
Vitamin C powder. This tastes a bit like Tang. It's quite yummy and the extra antioxidants are a welcome addition at this time of year.

Emerginc Skincare:
Kombucha Cleanser 3ml sample
Phytocell Cream 3ml sample
I haven't tried these yet but the sample packaging is cute.

Daily Moisturizing Lotion 29ml sample
Contains oatmeal to protect skin and is fragrance free. This absorbed quickly into my hands, leaving them looking smooth, soft and feeling moisturized. A generous size, I look forward to using this again.

Beautifood Lip Nourish 3g full size
I got the Lime and Ginger version, which is great as I love the smell of ginger! A neutral shade, this gave my lips a hint of colour and a subtle shine. I love this product.

Aurora Spa Rituals:
Rose Otto and Nettle Clarifying Shampoo 50ml mini bottle
Burdock and Rose Revitalising Conditioner 50ml mini bottle
These smell divine! I'm yet to try them and I hope they suit my hair. I have curly hair that looks like I've been electrocuted if I use the wrong products. I have my fingers crossed that these babies are friends with my moody hair.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 45g tin
Packed with moisturizing oils and butters, this product is perfect for pampering winter-dry skin. I'm not usually a fan of creams with cocoa butter in them, as I find the chocolatey smell a bit overpowering but this one smells lovely. Not particularly rosey or lemony but still a very good smell. This one's a winner.

There is also a bonus offer in the box. Buy anything from the Bellabox shop in August and get a free 250ml handwash by You, Me and Everybody.

Bellabox have once again produced a fantastic box full of products. I love everything this month!

I'm already looking forward to what goodies might be in next months box.

Did you get something different in your box? What items are your favorites?

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