Friday, 5 October 2012

Rimmel - Strawberry Fizz

I don't tend to wear a lot of pink. I don't own any pink clothes. I do wear pink manis sometimes but I'm more likely to go for a green, black or purple. This month however, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I'm trying to wear more pink nails.

Today I'm wearing Strawberry Fizz by Rimmel. It's a scented polish in a medium bright pink. Three coats were needed for good coverage. I think whatever ingredient makes this polish smell nice might also make it a bit streaky. Seche Vite gave this perfect smoothness and evenness.

For the first day of wear the scent was quite noticeable, but by the end of day two it's only smellable if I hold my nails near my nose. This results in me looking rather odd :)

This is a cute colour but I'm still searching for the perfect mid pink. What's your favourite pink?

After a couple of days I had a bit of tip wear so I taped the ends and made this mani into a colourful French.

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