Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lust Have It - October 2012

Ahh, the long awaited LHI box has arrived!

This month I received:

Ready To Use Strips
Sample. 4 strips and 1 aftercare wipe.
Hypoallergenic, ready to go wax strips. I don't really know what else to say about these.

Elizabeth Arden:
Red Door Aura EDT
5ml mini
Scent is a very personal thing and is difficult to choose for someone else, even if its someone you know well. This fragrance is pleasant enough, but it isn't for me. The description on the card is quite accurate, it is a 'bright floral'. I have had enough of fragrance samples lately. I wish LHI would give them a rest for awhile.

Say It With Scent:
Rose Hand and Body Lotion
30ml mini
I will review this properly as part of my hand cream series. Smells lovely, if you like roses. Lightly moisturizing.

Star & Rose:
Rose Confetti Soap Petals
3 x 4g. Full size.
Lovely rosey scent. I will probably give this to my mum, along with the Red Door.

Renitence Eye Revival Cream
Unknown size mini.
Claims to visibly reduce dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness in 14 days. I don't like the look of this product, but I will try it anyway. The cream is a yellowish brown colour that looks yuk. Like the last eye cream I received in a beauty box, I'll be trying it on one eye only. If it works I will post about it again. The little container it came in is cute, but the labeling could do with a more professional finish.

I also received two promotional cards. I don't really like getting these cards, it seems like a cheat to boost the value of the box. Just my opinion.

I did not receive additional products with my VIP membership this month.

I'm a bit disappointed again this month. When you compare the contents of recent LHI boxes to some of the older ones the quality just isn't the same. The insert this month focused very strongly on the Pink Ribbon Hamper, not the box itself. I wish LHI would focus more on their core business. The Pink Ribbon Hamper was also sold out before any monthly boxes were received.

There is a growing degree of negativity on their Facebook page that I believe LHI needs to address immediately if they want to remain a major player. Bad publicity is bad.

What did you get this month? Did you like your selection? What would you like to see more or less of in your box?


  1. Disappointing, I got some say it with scent hand lotion last month so you'd think they would give something else xo :)

  2. Waxaway send free samples when you sign up with them on facebook and last month I received Say It With Scent- exactly the same moisturizer but in Vanilla. They appear to be recycling previous months' products (last month it was the Avene cold cream). I will be furious if I get the same stuff! I would like to see NEW stuff. My LHI sub runs out in 2 months. If this sort or thing continues I will definitely not be renewing :(

    1. I didn't get the moisturizer last month so maybe your bag will be different?

  3. are they serious??? 4 wax strips, what a joke you couldn't even wax half a leg with that. What was the name of your box? Hoping I don't get this one

    1. This is the Luxe and Luscious box. Which one do you normally get?

  4. I'm disappointed and haven't even received my box yet. By the time it gets to me it will be November. I've decided to cancel my subscriptions to both lust have it and bellabox and use the 30 dollars to buy something high end i actually want every month! Sounds much more appealing to me!


    1. perhaps your box will be different and fabulous! I generally love getting the boxes and discovering new products but your idea sounds great. You will never get something that doesn't suit you.

  5. looks bit boring ....and doesn't come with the bag this month? thanks..CC

    1. The 'normal' bag was not included this month. There was a sheer pink gift bag, but as it's not a product I didn't include it. I don't photograph the discount cards for the same reason.

  6. I got this box today :-( I usually receive the Bold & Beautiful box but apparently, and I quote - "Due to the quantity of products supplied to us each month by our brands, we will occasionally adjust the life stage brackets slightly so that we can bring you the best products in the industry."

    I'm so disappointed with this box. I feel like the whole thing could be given to my Nana and she would love it all. Last months box was spot on and I felt that it fit my age group. This one does nothing for me. I also received the Say it with scent hand cream last month which I haven't used and probably won't use this one either!

    It's a horrible feeling, waiting all month for something then being let down so much.

  7. I got the same box and I am so disappointed. I am cancelling my monthly subscription, I will stick with the Eco box for a while though as that was excellent.

  8. I was lucky enough to get the Bold & Beautiful box. It had 3 full size products.


    I feel terrible for anyone that got your box. It was pretty bad.