Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Models Own - Pinky Brown

The Beetlejuice collection were the first Models Own polishes I owned. They have a special place both in my helmer and my heart. My partner bought them for me as a surprise gift. Nawww. I recently got myself a 'few' more from the Models Own 50% off sale and you'll see those featured in upcoming weeks.

In the spirit of wearing more pink today my nails are adorned with Pinky Brown. It's a gorgeous glass fleck polish that shifts from purplish to pink to bronzey brown. The look is very reminiscent of a shiny beetle shell. It's a beautiful polish, as the pictures show. Look at that colour shift!

The whole Beetlejuice collection has boring yet accurate names. It's almost as though the Models Own team used up all their creativity creating stunning polishes and had none left for the names! Regardless, this is lovely. Three coats here for opacity. I used Seche Vite topcoat and as you can see the polish shrank back a little from the tips. Oops.

Do you own any Beetlejuice polishes? Which one's your fav?

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