Saturday, 6 October 2012

Glittery Goodness: Kleancolor - Sugar Coat over Butter London - Branwens Feather

I've had a tiny bottle of this gorgeous glitter polish for ages but I didn't use it very often because I didn't want it to run out. I've finally bought a full size bottle and so now I can use it to my hearts content.

Sugar Coat is a clear polish with medium hex and small iridescent glitter. Because of this iridescence Sugar Coat is very versatile. In the bottle shots you can clearly see shades of pink and purple that aren't visible in the nail shot. There are also shades of blue and green on the nail that can't be seen in the bottle. It's all about the base colour ladies. Sugar Coat will go with almost any base shade and will look a little bit different each time. Over this dark polish it has a strong gold/green/blue colour shift.

I can't wait to test it out over the Models Own pastels that are on their way to me as I write.

If you've never tried Kleancolor I would recommend that you do. There are two things to be aware of though.

One: Kleancolor has a very strong odour. If you're prone to headaches when painting your nails or have a sensitive sense of smell make sure you have more than adequate ventilation.

Two: This and the other Kleancolor polishes I've tried are very slow to dry completely. In my opinion Seche Vite is a must.

I've never seen Kleancolor in an Australian store, but I've heard you can buy them from Paddys Markets. I got mine online from Beauty Joint.

What's your favourite glitter at the moment?

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