Saturday, 21 July 2012

MASH goodies

Recently I bought some bits n pieces from the MASH website.

I got:
Stamping plates 25-50.
I've been enjoying testing these out, and I did a cloud manicure here. I'm still hopeless at stamping though.

Stamping polish in black and white.
What is the difference between regular polish and stamping polish anyway?

Dotting tools in a variety of sizes.
Can't wait to use these. I'm inspired by Pretty Purple Polish and Lab Muffin and their recent dotty manicures.

Glass nail file.
I tried this today and it does seem gentler on my nails. A bit slower to file them to shape, but if it means less breakage it's all good.

Initially I had a slight issue with only part of my order getting delivered. This was cleared up with one email and the rest of my order shipped just as quickly as the first bit. MASH has great customer service. I would definitely buy from them again.

Check their site out here.

MASH stamping plates, dotting tools, glass nail file, stamping polishes

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