Monday, 30 July 2012

China Glaze - Exotic Cranberry

I bought this shade about six months ago from ProNail Supplies at Bankstown. It's a very deep berry pink that looks red in some lights. It has an almost jelly like finish, but is too opaque to really be a jelly in my mind. Application is utter perfection. It's easy and smooth to apply and dries to a ridiculously shiny finish.

When I googled this shade I found out that it was released in 2005! I am amazed that a polish that is seven years old is still in such good condition. Maybe it's the formaldehyde or the toluene or the DBP.

That's right ladies, the big bad three are all here in all their shiny, perfect glory.

Same polish, different light
China Glaze - Exotic Cranberry
China Glaze - Exotic Cranberry

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