Friday, 23 November 2012

Review: Neutrogena Deep Moisture Butter Cream

Neutrogena Deep Moisture Butter Cream

For: Extra Dry Hands
Volume: 56g
Price: $9.99
Claim To Fame: Turns dry hands into 'touchable hands'. Non greasy after feel.
Scent: Cocoa Butter.
Texture: Thick and voluptuous. Softly holds its shape but slides off your hand if you tilt it.

Initial: This cream absorbs quickly when massaged into hands. My hands don't appear dry afterwards and feel soft. Absorbs so quickly that a good cuticle massage is difficult. My hands and nails are left feeling slightly tacky, almost sticky.
10 minutes: My hands no longer feel tacky but my palms and fingers are a bit slippery. Skin on the back of the hand feels and looks soft and smooth. There is a matte quality to the skin.

This cream has been in my little handbag (as opposed to my bigger work bag) for awhile and I've finally finished it. It provides a nice, long lasting moisturizing effect that does indeed make my hands look touchable. The initial tackiness I experienced does fade and my hands felt protected and smooth.

I would consider buying this again.

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