Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Artsy Wednesday - Creative Crackle

When I saw the theme for this week I was a bit dismayed. Crackle?! oh no. I'm really not a fan of crackle nail polish. I have a bottle that I've used once and then never had the desire to use again. Creative for me is actually using my crackle polish.

In the spirit of making the best of things and not neglecting even the unloved polishes my stash I got 'cracking' and created a pastel rainbow underneath black crackle. It's not really that creative but it's the best I could do.

I'm sure all the other bloggers did a way better job than I did today. Check out their creative crackle manis.



  1. LOL! I thought the same thing when I saw today's challenge. I actually own 3 bottles for some odd reason but have only used one- I have officially now used it three whole times. I'm so not a crackle girl- I love your "crackle skittle" mani!

  2. I really like the pastel and black combination! :)

  3. Thanks ladies. I think it turned out ok but I'm still not in love with crackle :)