Monday, 24 September 2012

Lust Have It - September 2012

This months Lust Have It goodies come packaged in a pretty silver makeup bag. This is my favourite of all the coloured bags I've received so far, but honestly, how many bags does one woman need? I'd much rather get another item in my box than another bag.

I get sent the Luxe and Luscious pack and it's usually great. This month I'm not as impressed as I have been.

This month I received:

Gentle Facial Foam Cleanser
20ml mini
This cleanser smells lovely, flowery and herbal at the same time. I will give this a try but I'm quite happy with the skincare routine I currently have and I already have a bunch of items to try. Unless this cleanser is AMAZING I most likely won't buy it.

A $10 off voucher when purchasing two Aum products from Myer was included.

Opium Vapeurs De Parfum
1.5ml sample
I hate this. I sprayed it once and threw it away. I will never buy it. It is a very mature scent, something I'd expect a grandmother to wear.

There was a voucher included for a complimentary YSL makeover. I will not use it.

Icon Sealer 24hr Concealer
1.5g mini
This was listed as 'Ace of Base' on the information card but is actually called Icon Sealer on the tube and the Mirenesse website. It's very pale, even for my fair skin but it's a decent concealer. It blends well on the skin and provided good coverage. Personally, I thought it accentuated fine lines around the eye, so I wouldn't use it as a lid primer but I would definitely use it elsewhere on my face.

There was a voucher included for the first 1000 people to receive a Cats Eyes eyeliner. I will update this post if I get one. I don't think it's very fair to the people who always receive their packs much later to include offers like this.

Colour Senses Ends Repair
50ml mini
A leave in conditioner that protects coloured hair, seals the hair cuticle and promotes shine. This smells lovely and I will certainly try it but I sure do end up with a lot of hair products from monthly boxes!

A voucher was included for a free Davroe styling product. I registered at the website but have no idea how I was meant to 'select my favourite stockist' or redeem the offer. I give up.

Body Balm
40ml mini
The info card listed a hand and body lotion but I got this body balm. Fragranced with blood orange and lime this left my skin feeling soft and smelling beautiful. It absorbed quickly into my skin and didn't leave a sticky residue. I'm not a fan of the chrome coloured plastic lid though. It makes this luxury brand look a little cheap.

In all, there are a couple of products here that I will use but the majority are a flop this month. I do NOT like getting a bunch of vouchers, I want products! That's what this subscription box idea is all about isn't it? Products.

Oh well, there's always next month.

What did you think of your box? I welcome all genuine comments.


  1. I recieved the same box as you and pretty much the same reaction . I dont need anymore bags and usually cant use the vouchers especially if you need to go to a large department store to redeem them , as I live in a small town. I was very underwhelmed this month especially as both of the other box types that were sent out had at LEAST one Dermalogica product in them .If I get anymore perfume sample I shall scream

    1. I was disappointed too. Hopefully next month will be better

  2. I also received this bag . .not overally impressed . .darvo online thing . .WTF . i couldn't work it out myself :( Correct me if i'm wrong, but are we suppose to have 1 full size sample every month?

  3. I don't think so, but it's certainly nice to have a full sized product included sometimes.

  4. I tried the Davroe product and loved it - it made a huge difference to straightening my hair. So on the strength of that I did redeem the offer - got a full size of the smoothing balm and also ordered the Moroccan hair oil treatment and the smoothing shampoo and conditioner - love them. I got a concealer, a perfume (can't recall what), a Dermalogica mask and another wee thing of moisturiser. I would use the Dermalogica facial offer probably if I can be arsed working out who does it locally - their website sucked. I don't like the bags they send the stuff with - have half a dozen of them and its just silly. Would rather they just send the stuff with out the bag. I like getting the sample fragrances because its great for travel or for the gym bag. But a couple of times now they've repeated a couple of products and I could do with out that. I tried Bioderma on the basis of the H20 product a couple of months ago and love it. So all in all I think the boxes are a great way of testing out new products. It's just a bit hit and miss sometimes as to what you get.

    1. Kate, I would have loved to try a Dermalogica product! Was it good? Hopefully I'll get one in a future box. I agree that the boxes are great for testing new products. I'm looking forward to the October selection.