Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bellabox - September 2012

This month I did it! I didn't peek at the Facebook page or hunt down any blog posts on what might be on the way in my Bellabox! I did stalk the tracking site, but only a little :)

I just had a shower and used most of these products, my comments are below.

This month Bellabox have sent me:

Sebium Foaming Gel
Sample 10ml
Facial cleansing gel. Soap and alcohol free, good for sensitive skin. There is probably 3 or 4 uses in this sample. It felt nice on my skin, wasn't too drying but I'm not willing to make a decision based on one use.

Sebium AKN Purifying Corrective Care
Sample 5ml
A moisturizing cream that helps clear the skin. I'm looking forward to trying this, but as it doesn't contain sunscreen it will be a night time only cream for me.

It's Potent! Eye Cream
Sample 3g

Adorable little pot and luxe packaging. This cream is meant to fade dark circles and smooth fine lines. I've had dark circles forever and have tried many creams with little to no success, so I'm very skeptical about claims to lighten them. However, I am more than willing to give this a go. I tried it on one eye only so I can see if there is any visible difference before I consider buying a full size version. I'll post about this again if it's a winner.

Savior Faire:
Concealer Kit
Sample palette
4 shades of concealer and 2 of powder in this credit card sized sample. Apparently you can also use this after foundation to sculpt your face, highlighting and darkening different areas, then finishing with powder. I tried this as a concealer but I'm far too lazy to sculpt myself with it. I used the two lightest shades with a concealer brush before applying foundation. I like this product a lot. It went on smoothly, not too thick as some concealers can be, blended easily and looked very natural.

Beehold Gel
Sample 30ml
A gorgeous smelling hair product that creates body, enhances curls and provides humidity resistance. I have curly hair so I was very happy to receive a product that I may be able to use. This product does what it claims, my hair feels and looks bouncy. It's not the right weather to test out the humidity resistance.

You, Me & Everybody:
Sumptuous Skin Mousse
Full size 75ml
Fragrance free, non greasy moisturizer in a foaming formula. This was fun to use and is a nice, light moisturizer that soaked in very quickly. I wouldn't use it on my face and it's not really enough for my dry hands but this mousse is lovely on the rest of me. This goes further than you think so use a medium sized blob at a time. I can't help but wish this product DID have a fragrance. While there was no lasting scent from the propellants it did smell a bit 'chemical' as it went on. I would definitely buy this product.

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